IB Interbilanz Consulting & Audit d.o.o.

IB Interbilanz Consulting & Audit Belgrade has its roots in Austria and has been providing advisory, accounting, and tax services since 1991. Our clients are mainly international companies based in Germany or Austria.

IB Interbilanz Consulting & Audit d.o.o. was founded 19 years ago as part of IBD Group GmbH and provides a full range of auditing, tax consulting and bookkeeping services for more than 180 renowned international and domestic companies.


As consultants and auditors in over 10 different industries, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience in various sectors and all phases of business development and management.

Cross-border cooperation

We provide clients with fast connectivity and services for their cross-border operations or expansion plans through a network of offices in 12 cities and nine countries in Central and Eastern Europe: Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Montenegro and Ukraine.

Membership in organizations

IB Interbilanz is a member of leading professional associations.

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