TEAM BUILDING 27. i 28. 10.2023.


The company IB Interbilanz traditionally organized a team building event for its employees this year as well. This year’s gathering began with a visit to the Villa Zlatni breg in Smederevo, the summer residence of the Obrenović dynasty, which was declared a cultural monument in 2009. After that, accompanied by an exceptional guide named Goran, we visited the Smederevo Fortress, built at the confluence of the Jezava River into the Danube by Despot Đurađ Branković in the 15th century, where we learned about its turbulent history and the period known as the “golden age” of Serbia. We took a break at the “Despotika” winery, where we enjoyed a fantastic wine tasting and a suitable snack with a beautiful view of the sunset and the vineyards. Later, we continued the gathering with a formal dinner and music in the Event Center “Prestige.”
The following day, we visited the Pinosava Monastery, built by Prince Lazar in the 14th century, where we had the rare opportunity to witness the service to the Holy Mother of God Catherine, which was a unique experience. We concluded our two-day trip with a traditional lunch in a joyful atmosphere at the “Pantić” family winery in the small village of Rajkovac, at the foot of Kosmaj.

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