Technology, Media & Communications

Rapid response to technological progress – for your safety

The media, IT and communications industries are constantly changing. Technological progress has revolutionized our communications in recent years. Current trends can be replaced within a few months by new innovations. For companies, this means they have to react quickly to new challenges and always stay up to date.

IB Interbilanz offers its auditing services to national and international media companies as well as advisory services for strategic tax issues.

Cyber & IT Security

IB Interbilanz with its partners is also active in the segment of Cyber & IT Security.
The data stored on IT systems is critical to business and protecting that data is a high priority.

Our services

We offer extensive capabilities to analyze business processes and the IT environment through our experienced team of specialists. Through targeted risk analysis, we identify potential threats to data and systems. We perform health checks on your IT processes, systems and IT governance and management systems. We conduct penetration tests inside and outside your systems to identify and investigate acute vulnerabilities.

In addition to technical analysis, our portfolio also includes organizational security measures and training. Upon request, we use social engineering methods to conduct IT security assurance reviews of company employees. In addition, we help companies to raise awareness among executives and employees as part of a holistic implementation of the company’s IT security strategy.



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