About us

IB Interbilanz Consulting & Audit d.o.o. is a subsidiary of IBD Group GmbH, Vienna.  The IBD Group has its roots in Austria and provides consulting and auditing services since 1991 also in other countries. At the moment we are active in 8 countries – besides Serbia, in Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia, Ukraine, Czech Republic – on totally 12 locations. Our clients in these countries are predominantly international companies with their head offices in Germany or Austria.

IB Interbilanz Consulting & Audit d.o.o., Belgrade

We are present on the Serbian market more than 15 years. Our Belgrade office offers wide range of services: Advising in the field of taxation, accounting and finance.

Our Belgrade office has 15 employees and provides services for more than 50 clients.


For a number of years we provide (as consultants or as auditors) services to a significant number of renowned international companies, so we can rely on extensive experience in working with different industries. These are some of the clients we providing our services: EBV Elektronik (Avnet), Takko Fashion, Big Cee, DM drogeriemarkt, Porsche, British Council, Australian Embassy, Essilor, Salesianer, Namics, Peek & Cloppenburg, Rauch, Canon, Samsung…


Filip Boršik

General manager

Filip Borsik is General Manager and legal representative of Interbilanz in Serbia. Prior joining Interbilanz, he held managing positions at various multinational companies in the field of corporate finance and consulting.
He specializes in financial management, auditing and accounting.


Gordana Kačavenda

Director of Audit and Tax

Gordana Kačavenda is a certified auditor, tax advisor and licensed investment advisor at IB Interbilanz Consulting & Audit doo Beograd.
Gordana is a member of the Chamber of Certified Auditors of Serbia since 2010. In the same year, she joined the IB group.


Vladana Knežević

Head of Accounting and Payroll

Vladana Knežević has a Bachelor degree in Economics, is member of the Association of Accountants and Auditors of Serbia and Head of Accounting and Payroll of IB Interbilanz Consulting & Audit doo Beograd. Vladana joined the IB group in 2018 and has more than 12 years of professional experience



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